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Send us your questions and comments using your email to an address listed below.

Please include Company, Address,  Zip Code, Country, State or Province, County, Telephone and Fax in your email to us.

Use your E-Mail to:

  • Contact your Local Rep for help with product pricing, ordering, delivery and/or service issues, or to request product literature. You can determine your local Rep by your zip code above
  • Contact our Application Engineering for help with technical support questions. Send email to: KunkleCustomerService@pentair.com with Attn: Kunkle Web Applications as subject
  • Questions concerning Warranty issues. Send email to: KunkleCustomerService@pentair.com with Attn: Kunkle Web Warranty as subject
Contact us by Telephone:

Kunkle Valve Division (Black Mountain, NC, USA)
953 Old US Hwy 70
Black Mountain, NC USA
Office hours: 8:00AM - 5:00 PM EST
Telephone: (828)-669-3700
Email: KunkleCustomerService@pentair.com

Regional Offices

Kunkle Eastern Region
Telephone: 704.662.6954
or send email to william.muckerman@pentair.com

Kunkle Central Region
Telephone: 256.297.2293
or send email to chuck.sileven@pentair.com

Kunkle Western Region
Telephone: 505.345.0161
or send email to chip.pearse@pentair.com

All other areas and International Countries
Telephone: 828.669.3700
Office hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST


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